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Websites to help you find and save your family history.  Updated Oct 27, 2014.   This is a shortened list for new members.  The complete list is posted on the JGSGO website, in the members only section.

Compiled by Tom Hirsch, VP Programs and Publicity.

Thanks to a number of people and organizations for making known these sites.

I have used some, but not all of these sites.  All are believed to be legitimate, but I can’t vouch for the sites I have not used.   This is not a complete list, it is only the sites that I know of at this point in time.  You can always find more sites by searching the web, and new sites are launched every day.  Many of these sites have dozens or hundreds of links to other sites useful for genealogists.    If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me:    thirsch4@juno.com   Thank you.

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Jewish genealogy websites listed by Tom Hirsch

To help you get started:

http://www.jgsgo.blogspot.com/    Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater

Orlando website

http://www.jewishgen.org     Jewish Genealogical Society, excellent large worldwide site
with lots of info,  including numerous searchable databases, and a an email group to post
questions or  information.  Free, but requests donations, and requires you to obtain a
user name and password.

www.iajgs.org    Intl Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies;  helpful links to
Jewish genealogy groups around the globe

www.ufdc.ufl.edu/judaica   University of Florida’s extensive Judaica library

http://www.museumoffamilyhistory.org/     website for learning more about modern
Jewish history

http://www.ajhs.org/   American Jewish Historical Society

http://www.lo-tishkach.org/en/   The Lo Tishkach Foundation European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative aims to guarantee the effective and lasting preservation and protection of Jewish cemeteries and mass graves throughout Europe

http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/bibliowf.html#Genealogy    numerous links
for Jewish genealogy

http://www.judaica-europeana.eu/   Jewish heritage in Europe; numerous links, post
information so others can find you and your ancestors; etc

http://www.jewishmuseum.cz/aindex.htm   Jewish Museum at Prague, good, detailed
files, and  in English

http://archives.jdc.org/archives-search/?s=archivestopnav    overseas rescue, relief, and
rehabilitation of Jews during the middle of the 20th century

http://www.relativeroots.net      Elise Friedman’s site, Boca Raton, Florida, a professional
genealogist, specializing in Jewish genealogy, genetic genealogy, and technology

http://genealogyindexer.org/     Jewish and Eastern European genealogy

http://iijg.org/     Intl Institute for Jewish Genealogy

http://avotaynu.com/    A leading publisher of Jewish genealogy information

http://www.judaica-europeana.eu/     Info & photos of Jewish presence and heritage in the
cities of Europe.

http://www.jewishlibraries.org/main/  Association of Jewish Libraries

http://www.urj.org    Union of Reformed Judaism   Information on the union, its synagogues,
history, and dozens of links

http://www.pitt.edu/~meisel/jewish/ls_europe.htm   Jewish genealogy web links to cities, countries, locations

http://reformjudaism.org/   more on the URJ and more links

http://www.uscj.org/default.aspx   United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

http://americanjewisharchives.org/   The Jacob Rader Marcus Center library is in
Cincinnati; online searchable genealogy area gives you books and other resources where
your search term is found

http://www.bh.org.il/database-about.aspx?genealog/     Douglas E. Goldman Jewish
Genealogy Center at the Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People, on the
campus of Tel Aviv University, Klausner Street, in Ramat Aviv

http://www.ics.uci.edu/~dan/genealogy/Krakow/    Jewish Krakow documents

http://www.sephardicgen.com Sephardic genealogy

http://sephardicheritageproject.org/   marriage and brit milah records of the Syrian Jews

http://www.sephardim.com    Jewish & Sephardic genealogy

http://sephardiclibrary.org/genealogy.html    National Sephardic Library

http://jgsbc.org/   Jewish Genealogical Society of Broward County

http://www.mainejews.org/index.php   History & geneaolgy of Jews in Maine

http://www.casa-shalom.com/   Institute for Marrano (Anusim) Studies

http://www.jri-poland.org/   Poland Jewish Records Indexing


http://www.chgs.umn.edu/    U Minn Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

http://resources.ushmm.org   US Holocaust Museum

http://www.eachofushasaname.org/   IL teen’s site for Holocaust information, this info
was sent  to JGSGO members in the Spring of 2010..

http://yadvashem.org/    Holocaust information and databases

http://www.kazernedossin.be/en    Belgian Holocaust museum; has a links page to
various archives & research centers

http://remember.org/    Cybrary of Holocaust info; links, etc

http://www.flholocaustmuseum.org/   Florida Holocaust Museum, St. Petersburg

http://www.zupdom.com/icons-multimedia/ClientsArea/HoH/home.html   Holocaust
History; databases, links, etc

http://www.archives.gov/research/holocaust/index.html   US Govt NARA Holocaust
info & archives

http://www.holocaust-history.org/   Holocaust History Project

http://www.judymeschel.com/coshtrace.htm   Holocaust and other Jewish genealogy links

Websites Recommended by the IAJGS

JewishGen Website List 

Progenealogists.com Website List

Ukrainian website list