Find your links to the past!


At sometime, someone in the family will ask, “who are we?” “where are we from?” “what were our ancestors like?” “who are the people in those old photos stored away in a shoebox that grandma cherished?” “how can I trace my family history?”

Amateur genealogy has become an important hobby today. Get involved! Think about it…

What will you tell your children?

Perhaps, it’s time you created your family tree!


To promote an interest in Jewish genealogy; instruct members in genealogical research and methodologies; provide opportunities for sharing Jewish genealogical information; to encourage the preservation of Jewish genealogical records in the Central Florida area.


  • Learn from our expert guest speakers.
  • Share tips with our members and get advice from our mavens.
  • Access one of the nearly 300 assets in our library.
  • Share the joys, vicissitudes and thrills of “finding” your links to the past.
  • Receive a USB drive, containing valuable tips and documents
USB Drive that JGSGO receive
USB Drive that JGSGO members receive

THE USB DRIVE – JGSGO members receive contains a large number of documents and genealogy tools.  The drive has a lot of space on it that can be used to store and transfer computer files.  Members can take the USB drive with them to research centers and libraries, to save images, documents, and other files obtained at the research centers.  Not all research centers allow this, but most do.

Tom Hirsch has done a major revision of the membership kit files (2019).  Members can bring their USB flash drive to the JGSGO meeting, and have him load the new files onto their drives.

Meetings are held monthly, except June and July. See the Calendar page for the most current meeting schedule and locations. Guest speakers or programs on topics related to genealogy are part of every meeting, as well as time devoted to sharing of ideas and assisting members with their genealogical research and projects. A beginners and intermediate workshop is held periodically, frequently each year on various subjects related to genealogy. Guests are welcome at our meetings.


Annual Membership
Annual dues run yearly from January 1 to December 31.
Individual Membership – $35.00

Family Membership (2 persons) – $40.00

Sponsor – $50.00 Out of area (50 miles or more)…$30.00 donation (any amount is helpful).

Patron – $100.00

Lifetime Membership
Lifetime (individual only) – $250.00

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Orlando is a 501(c)(3) Organization. Membership dues and voluntary contributions are tax deductible by IRS code.


Complete either the full-page membership form or tri-fold formatted membership form and mail with your check as instructed on the form:

P.O. Box 941332

Maitland FL 32794-1332