Three Tips for Genealogy: Provided by Diane Jacobs, Gloria Green, and Marilyn Lustig Issue 3

Tip #1 – Census records should be examined carefully not only for the name of one individual you are searching for but the rest of the family members living at the same address.  Sometimes it is the only evidence of a daughter who moved away and changed her name upon marriage.  It is how I found that one of my great-grandfathers had a sister.  I knew about the two brothers, but I had to find the sister on a census record for a year in which she was still living at home.  You may also find neighbors with children who later married into your family.  – Diane Jacobs

Tip #2 – There are different levels of DNA testing. For example, the “Family Finder level will find relatives across all lines, determine the degree of relationship, and help you make contact with your matches.  The YDNA test of a male will reveal father’s ancestral origin, research surname, and geographic origins. The 2017 IAJGS Conference at the Swan in Orlando will feature family friendly workshops and updated studies on DNA testing.  DNA testing kits will be available, along with translators and Family Tree help. – Gloria Green

Tip #3 – In many regions, Jews chose to leave cities for smaller and smaller communities to get away from discrimination and violence. – Marilyn Lustig