Websites to help you find, save, and share your family history. Originally compiled to accompany presentation to the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Orlando, May 26, 2010. Hundreds of links added since then. Updated May 31, 2019. Compiled by Tom Hirsch.

Thanks to Jan Meisels Allen of the IAJGS/JGSCV, Elaine Powell of the CFGS, Kim Sheintal of the JGS of Southwest Florida, and other people and organizations for making known these sites.

NOTE 1: Neither I nor the JGSGO is endorsing any of the websites, products, or services that are mentioned here.

NOTE 2: See separate DNA website listing in the JGSGO membership kit, which is on the JGSGO website, and on the JGSGO USB flash drive

I have used some, but not all of these sites. All are believed to be legitimate, but I can’t vouch for the sites I have not used. This is not a complete list, it is only the sites that I know at this point in time. You can always find more sites by searching the web, and new sites are launched every day. Many of these sites have dozens or hundreds of links to other sites useful for genealogists. Check the websites for tutorials and instructions that will help you in your research. Some sites listed here may have changed their URL, or may be extinct.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me: Thank you.

Always practice safe computing. First, when you go online, download updates for your antivirus and antispyware BEFORE going to any websites or checking email. Second, do a complete virus, spyware, and malware scan of your computer and removable drives every week, or when you can. Third, back up all of your files once a week, and store backups in more than one location (e.g., home, safe deposit box, at work, at home of relative, and/or on a web-based service). Fourth, download and install updates to your operating system, web browser, and other critical programs as often as possible. Fifth, make sure your computer is unplugged from power; your phone or cable TV line is disconnected from your modem, and your modem is unplugged during lightning storms. It’s best to unplug these when you turn off your computer, and reconnect them when you are going to use your computer. Viruses, spyware, and other malware; and lightning are the cause of many computer failures, and you can prevent these expensive and data-destroying catastrophes by taking the steps suggested above.

If you use a credit card to pay for services or data, check your statement every month to ensure that you are being charged only for products, services, or subscriptions that you ordered.

1. FREE websites useful for genealogy. Government websites; nonprofit group websites; personal websites. Some archives charge for accessing, copying and mailing the documents. Some sites have a charge for some services. Some sites link you to other sites or functions which do charge for some services.

A. Nonprofit groups or free websites

Likely the best site of genealogy links, operating since 1996, 270,000+ links for family history

Mormon Church’s genealogy website. Extensive searchable databases; information on records available on microfilm; numerous instructional

documents on many areas of genealogy; click on the books tab for more than 40,000 digitized


genealogy and family history publications searchable online What you can find

at Mormon Church Family History Centers websites-available-in-the-Family-History-Center-Portal-1381815050504 Subscription databases available at

Family History Centers search for a certified genealogist

on the website of the Board for Certification of Genealogists 101 best genealogy

websites for 2012
a site for every state and county; post questions and

answers in the query section
National Genealogical Society search for genealogy blogs on various topics? Tutorial on genealogy research Free site to share family tree and photos, claims to be

private and secure. online index to vital records Find a school in the USA links to various databases and other websites Jo Henn’s site, many good links

for Canada, USA, Germany & others
Golden West Marketing. Some free links/searches, including list of genealogy libraries in the USA; book sales, etc
info on surnames and which nations have people with

those names
free family tree program, webinars, and other resources links to many genealogy websites Top surname & records search sites Top genealogy sites sign up for free account, access genealogy info that is in the public domain; this site puts strict, perhaps unreasonable limits on its information provides websites to genealogy groups; links to those

groups, etc
Board for certification of genealogists
info on 46,000 communities, links to genealogical data companion website for PBS family history and genealogy TV series; numerous forms available

World’s largest genealogy wiki
Daughters of the American Revolution
Sharon Tate Moody’s weekly genealogy

column in Tampa Tribune
add search function to your website


claims to be world’s largest genealogy wiki wiki and hundreds of links Surname mapping; find where

people live who have a surname
online archive of genealogy records and scanned images instructions on genealogy research Assn of Professional Genealogists information on first names various free searches; links to paid searches timeline; what happened on any date in history timeline; what happened on any date in history part of; searches 9 family tree

websites looking for names you enter
claims to have billions of records; free, but requires account;

there’s charge for some services
Judy Russell website; info on law issues for

genealogy; helpful links
Board of Certification for Genealogists search & order Florida vital records;

substitute name of other states in the URL for those states enter surname, get lots of links to possible databases for

that surname

50,000 genealogy weblinks
renowned genealogist; also has another site
help you find relatives; free genealogy newsletter and other resources helpful tips and lessons
Foundation for Medieval Genealogy
many very helpful links and tutorials
links to many genealogy topics
using technology for genealogy; many recorded lectures playable on demand website for genealogy speakers this site says it’s for genealogists

under the age of 30, but us older people can find lots of good stuff here Crowd Source Indexing, the newest technology available to genealogy societies and special interest groups for indexing their records top 100 genealogy blogs lots of tips and links on main site, this link

explains many genealogy abbreviations founded by Will Moneymaker in 1995, numerous links

and tools Robert Ragan site with numerous links, helps,

tutorials another Robert Ragan site with even more tools and tips Joe Beine’s site, many links to databases Lorine McGinnis Schulze’s site, many


Megan Smolenyak;


databases and tutorials

links to many genealogy sites

standards of proof in genealogy articles, tutorials, etc search for 80,000 genealogy books to ensure that every Jewish person feels an unbreakable bond to one another and to Israel no matter where they are in the world calendars for various cultures, religions, and areas of the world genealogy information, blogs, forms website of famed genealogist Thomas MacEntee, many resources


B. Geographic or regional genealogy sites in the USA.

Look for local, regional, and state genealogical organizations. States, and most larger cities and counties have their own genealogical societies. These groups are the experts in their geographic areas, and often have information and databases unavailable elsewhere; or have lots of information in one place that would require trips to several research centers to find. Some states and local governments have online search functions, and in-house searches to find records you need.

Federation of Genealogical Societies’ searchable list of genealogical societies

list of genealogy societies Family Tree magazine’s 75 Best Websites for US State Genealogy Research

AL vital records Alabama Dept of Public Health


Arkansas Dept of Health Vital Records website

Los Angeles Public

Library online city directories listings; searchable online Online Archive of California, free public access to detailed descriptions of primary resource collections maintained by more than 200 contributing institutions including libraries, special collections, archives, historical societies, and museums throughout California and collections maintained by the 10 University of California (UC) campuses. free access to unique and historically important artifacts for research, teaching, and curious exploration. Discover over one million photographs, documents, letters, artwork, diaries, oral histories, films, advertisements, musical recordings, and more. The collections on Calisphere have been digitized and contributed by all ten campuses of the University of California and other important libraries, archives, and museums throughout the state.


Central FL Genealogical Society. Some JGSGO members are

also members of this group.
Florida State Genealogical Society list of local genealogical societies in the FSGS Genealogical Society of Broward County index of Broward County burials Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County;

has cemetery search function,_1935_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records)

information on Florida 1935 census links to all kinds of Florida census and

related information State Library and Archives of Florida, includes some land records Florida Secretary of State’s memory collection of records

Florida Heritage Collection, ongoing cooperative project of the State University System (SUS) of Florida to digitize and provide online access to materials broadly representing Florida’s history, culture, arts, literature, sciences and social sciences vital records at Florida Dept of Health

Georgia Genealogical Society GA Genealogical Society links to

genealogical societies and historical societies in the state exchange information with people

researching surnames listed on the website


Secretary of State genealogy search site
Cook County IL census search. Does NOT provide

actual census images
Chicago Genealogical Society Cook County Clerk website for genealogy research Newberry Library online Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois JGSI’s online searchable Chicago database

State library has lots of resources State Historic Architectural and Archaeological Research Database (SHAARD)



search for records, including death records

ME records/forms/index.shtml

order Maine vital records online from Lexis Nexis; this is link from state’s official site MD

Maryland Historical Society, includes some online searches

Website by Dave Lossos, very large site

with lots of excellent links and databases
St Louis Genealogical Society; largest local genealogical

society in USA, active group with large library, computer databases, helpful website Patricia Walls Stamm website Missouri Historical Society & Museum State Historical Society of Missouri Midwest Genealogy Center; library devoted to

genealogy, Independence, MO
St Louis history and photos MO State Genealogical Association kcz_9nT9zYKy1VNjuxHxmEKw7nRBwZdMYD3n900n_E hundreds of links to state, local, and other

genealogy websites New England

New England Historic Genealogical Society

NJ State’s death registry index; these are listings,

not the actual records New Jersey Secretary of State’s

Genealogical information

NY New York Public Library online genealogy collections New York City Municipal Archives New York State Govt records request site

state archives Betty Camin’s list of North Carolina

Bastardy Bonds

Ohio Historical Society


Oklahoma Genealogical Society Rhode Island Secretary of State, state archives

Library of Virginia; search online PrinceWilliam County, VA

library genealogy WA

Washington state archives; search online WV vital records search


C. Religious genealogy and archive sites

Religious, ethnic, and ethnic-American genealogy sites can be very helpful in linking you to people and providing lots of valuable information. They are experts in their specialized fields. current JGSGO website
former Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater

Orlando website, still there, but not updated
Jewish Genealogical Society, large worldwide site with lots of info, including numerous searchable databases, and a an email group to post

questions or information. Free, but requests donations, and requires you to obtain a

user name and password Family Tree of the Jewish People, uploade your family tree, search

trees by others
online courses and videos on Jewish genealogy Jewish Gen’s Yizkor book searchable database libraries with memorial book collections JGS Long Island; lots of important information, including numerous

tutorial videos
Intl Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies; helpful links to

Jewish genealogy groups around the globe and many other resources Jewish genealogy website, many useful links University of Florida’s extensive Judaica library website for learning more about modern

Jewish history; virtual museum, not an actual facility
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee; Jewish

History 1914-present; searchable database
American Jewish Historical Society Center for Jewish History; New York City Federation of East European Family History


Societies Jewish section, helpful documents and links

numerous links for Jewish genealogy, including for Florida

Jewish heritage in Europe; numerous links, post information so others can find you and your ancestors; etc Institute for Jewish learning and leadership x

Library and Archives of Canada Jewish genealogy Jewish Museum at Prague, good, detailed

files, and in English
overseas rescue, relief, and

rehabilitation of Jews during the middle of the 20th century Jewish studies links 30 page document on tracing Jewish family tree from Europe to USA, 1850-1930 61 page outline on Jewish genealogy
Leo Baeck Institute; History of German-speaking Jews Elise Friedman’s site, Boca Raton, Florida, a professional

genealogist, specializing in Jewish genealogy, genetic genealogy, and technology Jewish and Eastern European genealogy Intl Institute for Jewish Genealogy
A leading publisher of Jewish genealogy information Info & photos of Jewish presence and heritage in

the cities of Europe.
Association of Jewish Libraries
Union of Reformed Judaism Information on the union, its synagogues,

history, and dozens of links
more on the URJ and more links United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Jewish genealogy weblinks Douglas E. Goldman Jewish

Genealogy Center at the Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People, on the

campus of Tel Aviv University. 5 searchable databases; books for purchase Jewish Krakow documents
marriage and brit milah records of the Syrian Jews Jewish & Sephardic genealogy National Sephardic Library Jewish Genealogical Society of Broward County history & geneaolgy of Jews in Maine Institute for Marrano (Anusim) Studies Poland Jewish Records Indexing YIVO Institute for Jewish Research; more than 23

million documents, photographs, recordings, posters, and films in the Archives of the YIVO Institute, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Goldring/Woldenberg Institute for Southern Jewish Life; includes Jewish history in the southern USA

Judaica library and archives, links to many organizations Miriam Weiner’s Routes to Roots Jewish & Eastern


Europe genealogy Yiddish cultural organization the largest Jewish library outside of Israel Jewish People Policy Institute Genie Milgrom’s Sephardic genealogy site Intl Society of Jewish Monuments, historic Jewish sites National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, PA post your photos and family history online in the National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, PA information on Jewish calendar convert Jewish date to CE (Gregorian

Calendar), & vice-versa Jewish Heritage Center at New England Historic Genealogical

Society, Boston; searchable online Jews in Middle East and North Africa, Jewish refuguees from

Arab lands Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, New York City, and

Jerusalem multiple links and research, including: The Jacob Rader Marcus Center library is in

Cincinnati; online searchable genealogy area gives you books and other resources where your search term is found extraordinary, inspirational, forgotten, and just-plain-strange dispatches from Jewish culture, tradition, and history World Jewish Relief in the UK, database

of Jewish refugees who came to UK around WW2 European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ) supports the preservation, appreciation and promotion of Jewish culture and Jewish heritage in Europe. Jewish Theological Seminary Library, the largest Jewish library outside of Israel Jewish Museum of the American West historic synagogues of Europe Jewish holiday calendars & Hebrew date converter. Holidays, candle lighting times, and Torah readings for 2019 and any year, past or present. Download to Outlook, iPhone, Google Calendar, and more. Customize calendar settings, convert between Hebrew and Gregorian dates and see today’s date in a Hebrew font Museum of the Jewish People links to scores of free databases around the world Yeshiva University Museum at The Center for Jewish History, New York City The Jewish Museum, New York City Jewish Museum of Florida, at Florida International University, Miami Beach

archives of Southern Baptist Convention

intro to Catholic genealogy; links to resources Catholic genealogy links & resources


intro to Catholic genealogy, numerous links archives of

the Orlando Catholic Diocese

Concordia Historical Institute, the archives of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod; in St. Louis

CHI’s links to Lutheran history and genealogy sites

Museum & research center on German Lutherans who came to Perry County, MO

archives of United Methodist Church

archives of Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) archives of Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) archives of

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
archives of The Church of God, Anderson, IN history & info on United

Church of Christ
Info & archives, Church of Ireland

D. Ethnic American and foreign websites. These are very helpful in tracing ancestry from their nations.

links for nations, province Australia National Archives Biographical Database of Australia Australia Cemetery Index free search of family history records death notices and obituaries in Australian newspapers National Library of Australia National Library of Australia newspaper database

genealogy in Baltic states

Radix Austria Hungary genealogy
and Austria-Hungary genealogy, including Jewish records; free but requires registration many links for Hungarian genealogy Hungarian archives search; in English

Library and Archives of Canada; census data searchable database on website how to find info in Canadian census newer archives of Canada, in English & French

page10image4258000544page10image4258000864page10image4258001120page10image4258001376page10image4258001696page10image4258001952page10image4258002208page10image4258002464page10image4258002784page10image4258003040page10image4258003296page10image4258003552page10image4258003808page10image4258004064page10image4258004320page10image4258004576page10image4258005088page10image4258005280page10image4258005472page10image4258005728page10image4258005984page10image4258006240page10image4258006496page10image4258006752page10image4258007008page10image4258007264page10image4258007520page10image4258007776page10image4258008032page10image4258008288’s Canada database

World War 1 database University of Manitoba Jewish history & immigration collection 21 million pages of historic records from Canada. Canadian Jewish Heritage Network, has searchable database Quebec Library and Archives, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec;

this website is in French language

Czech & Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois Slovak Republic

Eastern Slovakia, Slovak and Carpatho-

Rusyn Genealogy
Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International Lisa Alzo, CSGI leader, writer, speaker; good info here Czech National Archive in English Czech Jewish vital records database
Regional records archive in Prague
online birth, marriage, death registers for Prague, Plzen, Brno Regional Archives
Czech Trebon vital regional archive Opava regional archive
Litomerice regional archive
Zamrsk regional archive
Czech genealogy site
Slovak Telecom online phone book
Slovak genealogy & tourism researcher Slovak Institute, Cleveland, OH
American-Czech Educational Center, St Louis, MO Czech genealogy for beginners Danish National Archives; records free online; English version at Digital archives of Denmark Danish Genealogy Association (Danish language) ditto in English Denmark Library

Natl Archives of England


search burials & cremations in England; charges a fee photos and detailed maps of England & Ireland

current & historic photos in England

page11image4216262656page11image4216262912page11image4216263168 new URL previous URL centralized resource for all UK archives called the Archives

Hub British Library’s public UK Web Archive free online UK family history records free Internet searches of baptism, marriage, and burial records

in the UK England’s General Registry Office,

birth, marriage, death records online. Must establish user name & password birth, marriage, death records in England search England criminal records, 1674-1913 Society of Genealogists, London Pears Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism, London JGSGB Jewish marriage records

The Federation of East European Family History Societies European History Primary Sources search probate cases Jewish Heritage Europe Eastern European archive database Bibliothèque Historique des Postes et des Télécommunications (BHPT), (Historical Library of Posts and Telecommunications) is the only repository open to the public containing nearly all the 20th Century French telephone directories ever published, including those in France’s territories and overseas departments. They may be viewed on microfilm. To see the website and what is available online go to: and under Découvertes (discoveries) then click on Ouvrages numérisés (digitized works). French Postal network maps online Jewish places in y; site is in German language German-Bohemian Heritage Society German genealogy links German ancestry; numerous links and tools database, maps, email lists, etc German Govt site

with numerous searchable genealogy links and databases German Genealogy wiki, links, etc also found at: German

genealogy site with lots of links; mostly in German language links to various German genealogy sites German genealogy, links, etc German genealogy & travel info Assn of German-speaking

German archives links to German archives links to various archives


in Germany
Bremen genealogy; in German language genealogical society in


Berlin Jewish Museum in English. large collection of Jewish history

in Germany, including family histories Berlin Jewish Museum in German

genealogical society of Hamburg, very important port city
Southwest Florida Germanic Genealogical Society Helpful

guides; numerous links
Westphalia to US emigration Search for Jewish businesses in Germany,


Family index of previously indexed German microfilm holdings of Family History Library
Vittorio Klostermann German genealogy publisher (German language) Arthur Teschler’s

GEOServe, find location in Germany Jews in

East Prussia
Jewish genealogy in Bavarian Swabia; online search Palatines to America German genealogy Hank Jones, noted Palatine genealogist template=a_artikel&id=6591&sprache=en&PHPSESSID= Emigration from southwest Germany; site has German and English versions genealogy site, in German language International German Genealogy Partnership, group of partner societies

interested in German Genealogy

Hungary National archives click on English link for the English version of the site listing of Hungarian genealogy sites Barb Snow’s Hungarian genealogy websites on Hungarian topics help for Hungarian genealogy hundreds of links for Hungarian genealogy Irish Jewish Genealogical Irish Genealogical Research Society; online search


Ireland Natl Archives Irish Genealogal Society

free surname database search Irish government genealogical database Irish Archives Resource database new URL for Israel State Archives Israel Genealogical Research Assn. Israel Genealogical Society National Library of Israel Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People Jerusalem

page14image4275660800page14image4275661120page14image4275661376page14image4275661632page14image4275661952page14image4275662208page14image4275662464page14image4275662720page14image4275663040–its magazine

Photos and documents of Israel’s history

Wikimedia Israel, includes photos before 1948
non-partisan, nonprofit publisher of an English-language online news

claims to be the most diverse and reliable source of news and information about 21st century Israel. links to dozens of Israel

& Jewish genealogy sites links to numerous archives in Italy

archive of Jews in Venice
Patricia Jackson’s Jamaican genealogy website

current and former synagogues in Latvia

List of

page14image4275729616page14image4275729872page14image4275730128 Jewish history. the Holocaust, and contemporary issues in Lithuania and other

eastern European nations largest genealogy site in Luxembourg

Dutch genealogy Dutch genealogy; online search; obtain records Dutch Jewish genealogy; online search search Dutch and Belgian archives Ets Haim, world’s oldest Jewish library, in Amsterdam since 1675. and Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam guide

New South Wales archives New Zealand archives New Zealand Govt vital records New Zealand National Library newspapers archive


Norway archives; in English; free Philippines National Archives

Polish Genealogical Society of America
Polish genealogy
Jewish records in Poland Center for Jewish Culture, Krakow Jewish Institute of Poland ancestral records from more than twenty Portuguese government websites POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews images of microfilmed Polish vital records National Archives in Przemyśl, Poland Portugal genealogy and vital records intro to Russian State Library database search Russian State Library database

NOTE―the website is in Russian, use a web translator Scotland government database Scottish history and genealogy family run genealogy business in central Scotland, searchable databases Swedish National Archive largest provider of Swedish church records & other records online English language version of the site Jewish Museum of Switzerland Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine displays the news section of this website in English Ukraine Jewish genealogy websiteE. US government websites

links to vital records sites for US states, territories Information on census, statistics. Information on 1940 Census, which was released April, 2012. Details at this website

former URL: National Archives and Records Administration. US Govt warehouses that store old federal government records. I got copies of court cases from 1930 and 1981 from NARA. Includes military records, which are stored at the National Personnel Records Center is in St.


Museum of Polish Jews


Louis. genealogy resources US Govt archives of Diaspora Jews in China
information on Soundex codes forms to order various records

from NARA search for primary source

documents held by US Govt videos of NARA collections,

historical topics
CDC directory of vital records for states &

US Copyright Office website, get info, copyright your work recorded webcasts

related to Jewish life & genealogy Library of Congress free online access to

historical U.S. legal materials from HeinOnline.
search US Govt Bureau of Land Management Land Office records Links to property tax websites

across the USA Federal Court Clerks Association Natl Center for

State Courts. Find links to courts to obtain records. Customs & Immigration Service genealogy site Customs & Immigration Service home page

Federal Courts archives in Library of Congress
types of cases heard by the federal courts

To access the Federal Courts Web Archive go to: missing, unclaimed, and unidentified persons

F. State and local government websites Online-Library -Resources.pdf list of state-operated databases available only to residents of the individual state Council of State Archivists (for the 50 states) California Birth Index, 1905-1995


Calif Death Index, 1940-47


FloridaStateArchives obtaining FL vital records Archives for the state of Georgia

IL death index 1916-50 Kentucky death records database

State of Michigan vital records MO Secretary of State database search New York City archives

G. Websites specializing in Immigration and naturalization.

find your ancestors on ships’ passenger lists; and related info

Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation. Immigration search passenger manifests for Ellis

Island arrivals genealogist

Greg Wiszniewski’s numerous links for Ellis Island info New England Historical Genealogical Society info on

The Great Migration to New England, 1620-1643
Also and

Another widely used site with lots of links, specializing in immigration. Quebec passenger ship arrivals
U Minnesota Immigrant History Research Center Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, searchable ship

and immigrant database

cruise business site has tips and links for passenger ship research links to search naturalization sites and

databases where to find naturalization records for US Govt

and the states utm_source=library.harvard

Harvard Univ Library immigration collection, searchable via website

H. Social media & interactive

More than a billion users worldwide share information, photos etc Facebook Jewish genealogy groups, arranged by country Tracing the Tribe Jewish Genealogy Facebook


Another similar site with fewer users than Facebook Subscribe to email list on almost any topic, genealogy or

otherwise. Oct 2011, there were 4,945 different genealogy email groups. When you subscribe, you will receive emails from everyone who subscribed to this group. You can email information and questions for others to reply. Most groups have a files area where you can post photos, documents, and other files. You can start your own email group.

like Facebook, but only purpose is genealogy. Approximately 3,700 separate groups, for surname groups, location (city, county, state, country) groups, software groups, etc.

genealogy bloggers many helpful tips online family journal; organizer, calendar, etc

Jewish genealogy blog
email forums by surname
search for tutorials; and for people with the names you are seeking Genealogy blog, many Denise May Levenick’s blog on photos and keepsakes website of Katherine R. Willson of Ann Arbor, Michigan, links to

thousands of Facebook genealogy sites, YouTube genealogy videos, etc 2016-1.pdf

list of Canadian Facebook pages

I. Death records, cemeteries, etc.

searchable database of cemeteries and people buried searchable database of cemeteries
Association for Gravestone Studies US CDC, links to death records agencies

for each state
index of 1930’s WPA cemetary

search for gravestone photos around the world; send in your

find grave in a US National Cemetery Jewish cemeteries in Poland; in English 1891-1955 Carey Hand Funeral

Home records; at UCF; online database database of obituaries in Quebec European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative, ESJF has mapped

1500 cemeteries in 5 countries: Greece, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia and the Ukraine. As each cemetery is completed and processed aerial photographs, historical data and geographical data will be uploaded to the website. This is a work in progress.

aims to guarantee the effective and lasting preservation and protection of Jewish cemeteries and mass graves throughout Europe preserving and restoring Jewish cemeteries in Poland

page18image4270316896page18image4270317216page18image4270317472page18image4270317728page18image4270318048page18image4270318304page18image4270318560page18image4270318816page18image4270319136page18image4270319392page18image4270319648page18image4270319904page18image4270320160page18image4270320416page18image4270320672page18image4270320928page18image4270321440page18image4270321632page18image4270321824page18image4270322080page18image4270322336page18image4270322592page18image4270322848page18image4270323104page18image4270323360page18image4270323616page18image4270323872page18image4270324128page18image4270324384 Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois searchable database of Chicago Jewish cemetery known as Jewish Graceland searchable database of gravestones and photos how to capture gravestone engravings

by rubbing Muzeum Ceskeho Lesa (Museum of the Bohemian Forest), office of

Jewish Cemeteries, in Czech Republic Search millions of cemetery records, from thousands of cemeteries

around the world

J. Military records & information Natl Museum of American Jewish Military History

Veterans Administration grave locator

links to sources of military records Georgia Civil War records Information on Civil War; how to get info on war

& service members who were in it database of Civil War troops Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War; has

gravesite search function
World War 2
Missouri Civil War Museum; in St. Louis Intl Red Cross World War 1 POW records British war records website Jennifer Holik’s website on researching World War 2 document on researching World War 2, by Jennfier Holik American Battle Monuments Commission information & searchable database for veterans and war casualties UK’s Imperial War Museum, searchable database of memorials to service members Russian World War 2 records database, in Russian, you will need translation Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) by telling the stories of the 1.7

million from 154 nations who were killed in the 2 world wars Research British Jews in World War I Canadian War Museum

page19image4217702176page19image4217702496page19image4217702752page19image4217703008page19image4217703328page19image4217703584page19image4217703840page19image4217704096page19image4217704416page19image4217704672page19image4217704928page19image4217705184page19image4217705440page19image4217705696page19image4217705952 first-ever comprehensive data archive documenting the Jewish soldiers who served in the American Civil War. World War I memorial organization

K. News and media list of historic Jewish newspapers online main URL for this newspapers database links to newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, et al, around the world links to newspapers, radio, TV, magazines

University of Florida digital newspaper collection Special collection of

newspapers, some free, some pay.
index/search of newspapers listing of

online sources for newspaper s
search newspapers’ databases Library of Congress historic newspapers collection Library of Congress collection

of digitized news articles on WWI online collection of

newspapers another Google newspapers collection searchable database of Australian newspapers newspapers 1618 – 1995 in Dutch East Indies, Suriname,

Netherlands Antilles and USA. Search newspapers in Wales University of Illinois online Digital Newspaper collection claims to be largest newspaper article database search British newspapers more than 9,000 newspapers Australian newspapers The Scottsman newspaper, beginning 1917 state by state listing jewish-surnames.html Article on Jewish surnames around the world free archives search of Chicago Tribune, charge to view the articles Index of obituaries in Australian newspapers free online database of newspapers in the Netherlands, in English & Dutch

page20image4277059040page20image4277059392page20image4277059648page20image4277059904page20image4277060224page20image4277060480page20image4277060736page20image4277060992page20image4277061312page20image4277061568page20image4277061824page20image4277062080page20image4277062336page20image4277062592page20image4277062848page20image4277063104page20image4277063616page20image4277063808page20image4277064000page20image4277064256page20image4277064512page20image4277064768 newspapers from 1618 – 1995 from the Dutch East Indies, Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles and the USA Jewish newspaper published since 1897, now digital only, the most influential nationwide

Jewish media outlet Newspaper articles about Train Wrecks, Fires, Floods, Shipwrecks, Plane Crashes, Accidents and other disasters, searchable by names of victims. searchable database of certain newspapers researcher#.XLfxnJmZ1PY free ebook on using newspapers in your research

the following are links to Jewish newspapers and magazines

Jewish newspapers & magazines, all nations

all nations? American Jewish Press Association. Trade group for Jewish newspapers Jewish Telegraph Agency; global news about Jewish people Canadian Jewish News newspaper The Jewish Chronicle, the world’s oldest and most influential Jewish newspaper, based

in London, has reporters around the world National Library of Israel online collection

of Historical Jewish Press

L. Holocaust Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida; at the JCC campus in Maitland full catalogue online of the Auschwitz Museum Library. The largest collection on the concentration and extermination camp; multilingual. U Minn Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies US Holocaust Museum

IL teen’s site for Holocaust information, this info was sent to JGSGO members in the Spring of 2010..

Holocaust information and databases Belgian Holocaust museum; has a links page to

various archives & research centers
“Cybrary” of Holocaust info; links, etc Florida Holocaust Museum, St. Petersburg Holocaust

History; databases, links, etc US Govt NARA Holocaust


info & archives

Holocaust History Project Holocaust and other Jewish genealogy links

International Tracing Service. Find relatives who survived or who perished in the Holocaust; information on 17.5 million people; lots of information on Holocaust Fritz Baer institute, history &


impact of the Holocaust in Germany

of Holocaust and other genocides

Museum of Jewish Heritage, NYC
USC site has audio video interviews with survivors

Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust &


Genocide, London Wiener Library for the Study of the Nazi Era and the Holocaust, Tel Aviv University Holocaust Remembrance Alliance British Library recordings of Holocaust survivors
The full link to the recordings is: Czestochowa-Radomsko Area Research Group Holocaust survivor lists and death lists from around Poland. This database is one of the largest on the web, with over 300,000 records so far, covering hundreds of towns and consisting of over 150 separate projects. Kazerne Dossin Memorial Museum and Documentation Centre on the Holocaust and Human Rights, Mechlen, Belgium. These are original documents about the Holocaust in Belgium. Image bank currently has more than 1.5 million documents, including thousands of portraits of deportees from Dossin Kazerne. They also have the transport lists for each transport with their names and documents about Belgium Jews who arrived at Kazerne Dossin from the French camp Drancy. Claims Conference, Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc. The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors & Their Descendants, umbrella organization of survivor groups and landsmanshaften of North America. tips and links for

research on The Shoah Yale University Library Fortunoff Video Archive

for Holocaust Testimonies, raw survivor testimonies for the past 40 years. More than 4,400 testimonies in about 20 languages, more than 12,000 hours of recorded materials. searchable; viewable at 37 locations on this website World Jewish Restitution Organization. pursuing claims for the recovery of Jewish properties in Europe (outside of Germany and Austria).
www. Univ of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee searchable database for WW2 and The Holocaust

M. Websites to post your family tree online; these sites link you to others who have the same ancestors.


claims to have more than 80 million genealogical profiles in its free database. Become a user, compile & post your family history, including photos

and videos. Geni is private. Only the people in your family tree can log in to your tree and your profile. I have registered on this site after finding a relative’s family tree.

This relative and I have made contact via this website. Geni has free and paid versions. genealogists around the world sharing information and weblinks post your tree online; free newsletters with lots of tips; free family tree’s World Connect will link you to

others with the same ancestors
Free site to share family tree and photos, claims to be

private and secure.

N. Websites on names and surnames

info on names & surnames

info on first names info on surnames German first names; website is in German find surnames and variants find alternate spellings of names

O. Information on the Census

NARA articles on the census, helpful if you need more information about census issues

Information on census, statistics. Information on 1940 Census, which was released April, 2012. Details at this website
information on Soundex codes Census data blank census forms for various decades for

US, UK, and Canada

P. Tutorials and research guides many other sites listed here also have guides and tutorials free and paid webinars and videos Family History Center (Mormon church

genealogy operation’s 30-page guide, tracing migration from Europe to USA Family History Center (Mormon church

genealogy operation’s 61-page Jewish genealogy research guide’s learning center.

Free guides, etc
Lisa Louise Cooke’s website Mocavo learning center Mocavo blog

page23image4271665248page23image4271665568page23image4271665824page23image4271666080page23image4271666400page23image4271666656page23image4271666912page23image4271667168page23image4271667488page23image4271667744page23image4271668000page23image4271668256page23image4271668512page23image4271668768page23image4271669024page23image4271669280page23image4271669792page23image4271669984page23image4271670176page23image4271670432page23image4271670688page23image4271670944page23image4271671200page23image4271671456page23image4271671712page23image4271671968 learn of free webinars watch archived webinars _search_part1_page1.html _search_part2_page1.html genealogy_searches_page1.html info on

Google search for various nations US Govt’s National Archives and Records Administration videos T4ahV6NRmUxYEuy5UIqr1ecdtQcJb9c National Genealogical Society’s site for tutorials on a number of

topics several tutorials online genealogy courses tips on using

Google search for genealogy on-Geni/13121 numerous tutorials and links to learn Jewish genealogy US Natl Archives & Records Admin

instructional videos on finding and accessing items in the federal archives

Q. Search for court cases

—————— —————————————————————————
2. Paid or subscription websites; genealogy businesses. NOTE–some of them offer limited free services, temporary subscriptions, or offer a one-time charge for certain services

genealogy books, software info on surnames; links to


records; post unidentified photos to get info from people on the photo
subscription genealogy website, claims 2.1 billion records in database search for & buy vital records.


newspaper articles, obituaries


genealogy databases, similar to more than 2,000 books & CD-ROMs on genealogy;

links to other sites; blogs, & some free information claims to be largest newspaper article database
News and law articles, court cases, etc. Obtain public records for a fee. professional or certified genealogists site, lots of

information and links, including top 50 genealogy websites: Help with your genealogy,

for a fee
National Institute for Genealogical Studies, also has blog Advanced Genealogical Exploration Services, store

your family history online
Social Security death index Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter Find your family crest, coat of arms; order items

with family crest printed on them
online genealogy courses millions of records; articles on genealogy workshops, products for sale, and classified ads genealogists for hire in various nations Arphax Publishing; maps of land patents in 23 states (so far) She is international expert on photo identification; helps

identify and date photos; charges for her services
“sophisticated research assistance tool and electronic filing cabinet” search for free, pay to see what you find Genealogy Research Associates; research &

advice for hire; free online courses
Beth Foulk’s website; blog, tips, ideas

Association of Professional Genealogists. Find and hire a professional genealogist to

research the areas and topics you need automated genealogy research software hire a genealogist to research for you more than 500,000 Jewish genealogy records hire genealogy coach to help you; Lara Diamond is

Jewish genealogist on this site, here is her blog: charges fee to find heirs of people, claims high success rate speaker, author, blogger Amie Bowser repairs damaged books, papers, The Book Man repairs old books Orlando/Tampa firm records video interviews for genealogy Holocaust, European genealogy, maps, etc

page25image4270085920page25image4270086240page25image4270086496page25image4270086752page25image4270087072page25image4270087328page25image4270087584page25image4270087840page25image4270088160page25image4270088416page25image4270088672page25image4270088928page25image4270089184page25image4270089440page25image4270089696page25image4270089952page25image4270090464page25image4270090656page25image4270090848page25image4270091104page25image4270091360page25image4270091616page25image4270091872page25image4270092128page25image4270092384page25image4270092640page25image4270092896page25image4270093152page25image4270093408page25image4270093664page25image4270093920page25image4270094176page25image4270090208page25image4270094944page25image4270095200page25image4270095456page25image4270095712page25image4270095968page25image4270096224page25image4270096480 archive supplies, to properly handle and protect old items

Elaine Powell, current pres. of Central FL Genealogical Society certified genealogist in Reynoldsburg, Ohio


genealogy books, gift items, clothing, jewelry, art

page25image4269853440page25image4269853696 family tree product including features to help customers analyze their DNA results,

purchased Feb 2019 by hire researchers to go to NARA archives to obtain records for you genealogists for hire, claims to be the world’s highest-rated genealogy firm;

has blog and other resources

3. Search engines. Each has advantages and disadvantages.
information on search engines, comparisons most widely used search engine search books & other scholarly sources


Searches Google & Yahoo in one operation

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask search all in one

use this, and the site will donate to the charity of your choice,

if the charity is in the database claims to be

largest free ancestral search engine on the Internet

4. People finder sites. Some free services, most have a charge. NOTE–exercise caution so that you are not redirected to suspicious sites, or charged for searches or services that might be bogus or inferior.

basic search is free; better and detailed search by subscription

If you know the county where the person lives, use the taxing authority’s property search website function to look for individuals. Find the assessor or property appraiser website using a search engine Combines data from 4 major search engines or sources
requires you do download and install the application. Free version

for home user, allowing 10 searches per month with limited functionality. Pro version is $29.95 per year for unlimited use.

compares info & prices of people-finding sites

claims to be The most comprehensive people search on the web provides address, phone, and other information

another very popular search engine Microsoft’s search engine


returns answers in clusters


does free search and asks if you want to find more info for pay free search also links to pay site free search, some info requires payment free search; GEDCOM files links search jails for current inmates; links to numerous people finding sites

Used primarily by businesses, private investigators. Requires

subscription. Allows extensive search functions for individuals, including assets,

criminal histories, etc. some free, some paid services to help find people

Some state prisons and county jails list only inmates currently in custody; others show all who were in custody, but who have been released. Find the prison or jail website using a search engine ————————————————————–

5. Phone lookup sites; international calling. You can also do reverse search, using address or phone number. Some help you find geographic area of a phone exchange or area code.


Germany online phone directory info on scam calls, bill collectors, and others you don’t want

to talk to charges high fee for detailed information on phone charges fee for detailed information on phone < NOT free; charges fee for detailed information on phone get info on phone number; info on scam callers < fee for info on phone number info on area codes and phone numbers
6. Mapping sites find a location, driving directions, mileage & travel times Google Earth; shows aerial & ground level view of address

you enter
US Govt national atlas
US Geological Survey national maps USGS Geographic Names Information System USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer more than 22,000 maps Princeton Univ

library website, links to numerous mapping sites
Some local governments, such as Orange County, have detailed GIS maps online.


Info on calls to & within Germany


Microsoft mapping


Microsoft Bing mapping Wide selection of maps of almost anywhere old maps Newberry Library, Chicago, 500,000 maps;

has other material useful for genealogy
Carrie Eldridge’s site; includes migration maps historic maps and software for sale; find old places and old

boundaries that have changed

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for MO cities, 1880-1922 Univ Wisconsin

Milwaukee digital maps online subscription site with many map resources and publications. family history software service for linking old maps and land records to your genealogy research, best known for online versions of the Family Maps and Land Survey Maps Boston Public Library’s Norman B. Leventhal

digital map collection

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names® Online 1883 atlas of Germany

and surrounding countries Newbarry Library Atlas of

historical county boundaries Library of Congress digital collection of

Sanborn fire insurance maps, eventually will have more than 500,000


7. Other informational sites useful for genealogy

Good source for information on almost every subject, including major events, but confirm wikipedia info from other reliable sources.

licensed occupations

Extensive info on a community Find information on a community. Census data converts data & units of measure ditto

event in the past
search for cases and legal issues
Information on military issues and history. Research a subject
Find the day of the week of a date in history,

other calendar research.
Claims to be world’s #1 Q&A site (substitute the name of desired county)

change state & county name as needed to get excellent ZIP Code maps advocacy group for public access to government records; has


search for a storm


digitized and indexed millions of records that are searchable online complete pronouncing gazetteer or geographical dictionary of the world, digitized 1989 book by Joseph Thomas


8. Translation; learning foreign text

Czech multilingual dictionary
German-English online dictionary add translation toolbar to your web browser for instant translation Yiddish alphabet Hebrew alphabet adds translation to your web browser translation software; free online translation tool Gordon Hartig translation services, for German & French Hungarian translation; I have used this service, and it’s excellent Yiddish books, databases, etc

9. Photo and video websites; editing and sorting software you can download. Most are free, except for those marked with *

widely used free photo editor


Microsoft Image Composite Editor us/um/redmond/groups/ivm/ICE/>
Hugin panoramic photostitching CleVR-Stitcher Photostitching *PTgui enhanced photostitching

Picasa Photo sorting and

these 3 programs have facial recognition, which can search your computer and identify a person shown in photos

*Denoise My Image Removes noise/grain from photos.

Denoise for Windows Exifpro photo software; see metadata in photos
Photobie photo

editing, graphics design, gif animation.
Photowipe remove unwanted objects from

FxFotoSetup Make and publish

widely used, easy, free Photo editing program




multiphoto collages & slide shows. Use deluxe creativy features. Remove redeye, blemish, clone crush, color brush, filter effects, stamp brush.

Phototoolkit photo editing

Photo editing; was $79, now $9
VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor photo editing


*PhotoOne Recovery



rebuild damaged photo files
and sort & organize photos Canon Creative Park digital scrapbooking, etc Association of Personal Photo Ken Watson’s website; many photo tips and convert slides, home movies, videotapes to DVD Polarr photo editor; free and paid versions fix or edit photos global stock photo company, purchase photos another firm offering photos for sale * sorting and storing family photos


10. Websites allowing you to store, and/or share large files that are too big to email, or groups of files. Use this to share photos, video, etc with others without emailing the files. Some are free, some offer more services for pay. Most require you to have user name and password to send the files. Password required for others to retrieve the files; or retrieve the files by clicking on link emailed to intended recipients. You can also use some of these sites for backup storage.


Dropbox free backup and file synchronization requires you

to download and install the application. JGSGO Board uses this service.
paid site automatically backs up your files online paid site automatic online backup free, does NOT require user name and password; my favorite which redirects you to Microsoft’s site for Skydrive:

store and retrieve your family tree file; may not

upload, download, host, and share files upload, download, host, and share files upload, download, host, and share files


upload, download, host, and share files upload, download, host, and share files upload, download, host, and share files


send large files to someone
free file and folder synchronization software for Windows


work with all programs
transfer large files to others store files
store & share files

Google Docs; store documents ]


and other files
Microsoft’s Sharepoint.

Share & manage documents and other files
send & store all kinds of files free online family history notebook use your computer, not online storage

11. Useful computer websites. senior citizens group teaching computer skills to

other seniors. helpful websites on many topics

Free suite of office programs, including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation (like PowerPoint), etc. Open Office generally will open files from Microsoft Office, and other brands of similar office suites and individual applications. Used by millions around the world, including me.

Download and run Open Office (see above)
applications from your flash drive on any computer, so you can run them anywhere, and don’t have to

install the programs on the hard drive. Scores of applications. open & edit many types of documents and similar files One of the top computer and tech websites. Reviews of software

and hardware, thousands of downloads available here
more than 40,000 software titles available for downloads, many

free or shareware (all tested virus and spyware free)
reviews of freeware; download freeware For techies. Claims to be largest group of IT leaders on

the web
Free office suite; allows collaboration via cloud computing, ie,

documents stored on the web. Requires user name & password.
numerous tools, including search for images; Google Earth (see mapping, above); Free office suite; uses cloud computing, ie, documents stored on the web, which allows you to access them anywhere you have internet connection. Allows collaboration among users who have user name and password. Download Chrome, a free web browser on Google.
Central Florida Computer Society. Local computer club, holds meetings

demonstrating hardware and software, answering questions, publishes computer newsletter

Assn of PC Users Groups; find computer club in your area


Free & paid version


converts & saves web pages as .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files.
archives of websites that no longer exist; other archives, including digitized

Kym Komando, nationally syndicated radio show about computers


and related technologies; airs WDBO 96.5 FM 2-5am and 7-10pm Sundays Tech Talk radio show about computers airs 1-2pm

Sunday on WDBO, 96.5 FM
Nightly (Mon-Fri) national computer radio show

on Business Talk Radio network. Site has podcasts of previous shows. organize & schedule bill paying, store files online, etc free and low-cost online collaboration solutions,

including document sharing, web meetings, and shared whiteboards.
proofreading & editing service online OCR service that allows you to convert PDF to Word, JPEG to Word and scanned images into editable documents

free web-based tool to organize research and other projects another online organizing tool US Govt Federal Trade Cmsn

website, computer security info free software for your computer to make free calls anywhere to other users via your computer US Dept of Homeland Security website; many computer safety and security tips here FBI computer safety and

security tips for you check to see if any of your account information was obtained by hackers

12. Free anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware. Some have paid versions with more features. It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you have this kind of software on your computer, that you update it daily (if possible), and that you use it to scan your computer at least once a week.

Most of these can be found on cnet and tucows, along with reviews of the software (see item 11 above). This is NOT a complete list, there are dozens of others. Avast antivirus AVG antivirus

Threatfire antivirus
Avira antivirus
Panda Cloud antivirus Spybot Search & Destroy anti-spyware Malwarebytes anti-malware (primarily anti spyware) Ad-Aware anti-spyware free Internet filter and parental control

software for your home
several free and pay programs to

find and remove malware. Successor to A Squared program

13. Free blank family tree and other research forms to use in documenting your family history. Download, save, and print these forms as needed. Some offer additional paid services several varieties of family tree forms


several varities of family tree forms

printable family tree form


information into this form in your web browser & print
50 different free charts you can print claims to have “all the forms you’ll ever need”

download and print various forms to use in your family research various forms various forms useful for research numerous PDF forms to download free’s freebies compose large family trees for reunions, etc; for a fee, have the chart printed numerous free genealogy charts & forms

14. Publishers who specialize in small quantity books including family histories.

St. Louis area firm
Valhalla, NY firm Raleigh, NC firm founded 2002
Salt Lake City Seattle, WA Salt Lake City Lindon, Utah firm Chapel Hill, NC firm, genealogy book Butler, PA firm restores, binds books, does layouts &

publishing enter your answers to questions online, Lifebio writes your family story

15. Photo and video sharing sites. Upload your photos & video for others to see, compose digital photo albums. Most sites also allow you to restrict access to those who are given the password.


new site; post photos of unknown people, website tries to identify


them for you

16. Websites, applications for wireless devices

images of documents

17. Foreign travel, etc.

use your smartphone to capture


information on travel anywhere German National Tourist Board site German Govt tourism site; ancestral tours to Czech Republic tours of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary,

weather information for anywhere Jewish Heritage Travel; visit historic Jewish communities

18. History sites

Google Books; old books available online database

of rare books, histories, photos, etc. for scholars German history
Center for Jewish History
Jewish Museum in Cyberspace; American Jewish History Southern Jewish Historical Society USA list of historical societies in US,

Canada, Australia
directory of Jewish museums American Jewish Historical Society; New York City & Boston Orange County Regional History Center

19. Genealogy software.

A. Reviews of genealogy software, with lists of software and evaluations

reviews of numerous programs

reviews of free programs


B. Family History Partner Products

Partner products and services list, that help with family history; and are compatible with Family Search data format. New technologies are added each month, allowing mapping, printing, searching and other functions

Ancestral Quest Ancestral Quest Basic free version

with fewer features Branches

Browse Hero & Muddy Hero

Charting Companion
Celebrating My Family Tree Family Insight Legacy Family Tree MagiKey Family Tree Ordinance Tracker Roots Magic; paid & free versions

C. Other Family Tree software

Family Tree Maker Probably the most widely-used; a product of NOTE-Ancestry is ending production and support for this software.

Family Tree Builder, claims to be the best free family tree software

The Master Genealogist; does more than other brands, but has learning curve free family tree software for download

20. Genealogy magazines and journals These provide lots of helpful and sometimes very specific information from experts and often professional genealogists. Subscribe to them, or read at your library. Some offer free articles and forms on the web. Some are primarily for beginners; others cater to experienced researchers; others are for professionals. I have listed only a few of the general interest publications. Most local societies and almost all state societies have a publication.


Avotaynu Intl Review of Jewish Genealogy
National Genealogical Society Quarterly


21. Use of DNA in genealogy

Internet Genealogy magazine

page36image4277367712 specialist in genetic genealogy Blaine Bettinger website


Avotanyu’s DNA Diahan Southard, DNA genealogist Ginger Smith, DNA genealogist

NOTE: there is a separate and much longer list of DNA genealogy websites in the JGSGO member kit

22. Information on adoption

For adopted persons or relatives to find each other American Adoption Congress,

state by state information U of Oregon adoption research

23. Preservation and proper handling of documents, photos, and other items American Library Assn guide Library of Congress tips Smithsonian Museum’s information

on care and handling of artifacts

24. Recording video and audio interviews for genealogy; companies who shoot and edit genealogy videos.
Diane Hirsch’s (no relation to me) video genealogy, recorded interviews of relatives so they can be seen and heard by future generations. She spoke to JGSGO January, 2010. Heritage Media Group, founder Jewish genealogist Walter Schlomann, does interviews, edits video genealogy. Spoke to JGSGO Dec, 2015. Macbeth Studio The Legacy Life Project, to capture the stories of aging relatives who have life lessons to share.

project study of Jewish genome


25. Libraries Allen County, IN Public Library, Fort Wayne. One of the top genealogy research centers in USA

Godfrey Library, Middletown, CT digital library of more than 1,500 academic journals, books, and primary sources Digital Public Library of America> list of genalogy libraries> Florida State Library

genealogy resources> Library of Congress Library of Congress history, genealogy, maps which redirects you to:

how to handle your online material when you die

Library of Congress collection of Stars and Stripes newspaper

Seminole County, FL Library Orange County, FL Library Many libraries allow you

access to some databases via their websites. This typically requires you to enter your library card information.

to find libraries/research centers that have the book you are seeking; includes some unpublished manuscripts Digital Public Library Association of America. Compiles the riches of America’s libraries, archives, and museums, and makes them freely available to the world.

These sites and the tools and resources they provide can help you tremendously in finding, saving, sharing, and publishing your family history, and help you find treasured information, photos, and relatives that you did not know existed.

To help me help you and others, please send any comments to: Tom Hirsch
7285 Grand Ave
Winter Park, FL 32792-7322