The Jewish Genealogical Society of Long Island (JGSLI) offers an award winning video site, hosted on YouTube, that presents 8 videos on how best to utilize genealogical documents.

It is called: “8 pieces of information for genealogists.” The 8 videos are accessible from this link.

8 pieces of information on a passenger manifest
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Cindy’s List maintains an updated list of Webinars or Online Seminars related to genealogy. Most of these are free.

Free Webinars from Legacy Family Tree Webinar, beginning early January 2016

US National Archives

US National Archives Home Page lists numerous videos relating to important historical events, much of which pertains to genealogy. All programs aired free at NARA in Wash DC, but many are streamed also free to the public. Their web site lists videos, playlists, channels and discussion forums. Click here 

“Know Your Records Talks on YouTube has videos, handouts an presentations from the live programs. These include census, immigration and military service and pension records. ” CLICK HERE. This was excerpted from JewishGen Discussion Group  9/14/16.